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Manufactured in the UK and hand balanced with precision

The Rotablade Stubby Fidget Spinner and Cigar Stand is a high precision Hand spinner designed with a cigar stand function when stood on its side.

Precision machined to very tight tolerances and perfectly balanced for maximum comfort and performance. Available in standard materials Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass and titanium to give choice and a varying spin experience and feel. Also available in exotic materials Damasteel, Zirconium, Superconductor and Mokuti.

The Stubby Light is an alternative ABS plastic version with embedded tungsten weights to give maximum performance at a more economical price point.

Stubby Size

50mm x 30mm x 9mm body

11.7mm thick across the grips

Fully machined threaded grips allow easy removal for cleaning and maintenance of the bearing, with all grips being interchangeable to create different styles.

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Ceramic Hybrid Bearing

Effortless Spinning

The Rotablade Stubby has a high precision class ceramic hybrid bearing specifically designed to work in unison with the weight and shape of the body to achieve effortless spins and maximum spin times. Maintaining a very smooth rotation makes the Stubby appear to spin on and on and on….

To maintain this high performance it is recommended you perform regular maintenance as per the instructions found here

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Stubby Features

This Spinning cigar stand provides ultimate performance, balance and comfort.

  • Spins on its own on a flat surface
  • Easily interchanged grips in a variety of materials
  • Spins on top of a sharp point
  • Perfectly Smooth all around
  • Perfectly sized for comfort and carry
  • Ceramic Hybrid Bearings

Available in Standard Materials

Stainless Steel




Specials and Exotic Materials

Stubby with Tritium inserts





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See the Stubby in action