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The Rotablade MK2 is now released this page is currently being updated to reflect the changes in design.


Please check back soon for updated information

Bottle Opener

Rotablade fully functioning bottle opener

The Rotablades design has a fully functioning bottle opener at each end which makes opening bottles on the go quick and easy. Please note the brass and copper bodies are softer than the titanium and may scratch and dent over time.

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Rotablade Features

This Spinning cigar stand provides great spinning performance whilst offering function.

  • low friction ceramic hybrid custom made bearings
  • Bottle Opener on both ends
  • Cigar Stand rests up to 60 gauge cigars on either side
  • Phone stand at each end holding phones with widths up to 11 mm thick
  • Tablet stand at each end holding phones with widths up to 11 mm thick
  • S-Hook Utility

Phone/Tablet Stand

The Rotablade is a fully functional phone and tablet stand

The Rotablades design offers a fully functional Phone/Tablet stand at each end which will fit any device up to 11mm in width. This has been tested on Iphone’s, Samsung’s and a range of tablets. Please note as the stand is metal please ensure your phone is suitably protected.

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S-Hook Functionality

The Rotablade has a unique S-Hook

The unique design of the Rotablade also allows it to be used as an S-Hook when you need it for hanging items like keys, coats and lots more.

Cigar Stand

The Rotablade is also a fully functional Cigar Stand

The design of the Rotablade has a fully functional cigar stand on both sides for supporting all ring gauges of cigars, where ever you are you can safely rest your cigar on the rotablade.

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See the Rotablade in action