Mokume Rotablade Nano Disc

Mokume Rotablade Nano Disc

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Spinning fidget disc. Fully machined finish body, removable Screw caps for service and changing material types. Ceramic hybrid bearings.

Mokume body made from patterned plate as per the photo with Brass Grips. 

Connecting Stubby Bodies together requires the additional Stubby Stax Bush available here 

Dimensions 39mm x 39mm x 9mm fully assembled. 11.7mm at grips

Weight: 77g with grips

Mokume body with Brass grips 

Please note Mokume pattern is hand forged from multiple materials and may vary with changes through the material no two will be alike. This may also cause slight flutter while spinning on one finger due to imbalance.

Please note any item bought with other items advertised as later availability will ship when all items are available.

Please note standard material grips will be discontinuing, when stock has depleted, new style grips will be used in replacement.