Haptic RotaClick Copper/Carbon Fibre

Haptic RotaClick Copper/Carbon Fibre

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Top half copper/carbon fibre bottom half material optional with a choice of Stainless, Titanium, Copper, Brass and Alu-Bronze.

Haptic RotaClick rotational magnetic worry coin on a needle bearing.

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Fully machined 2 part magnetic worry stone. This unique subtle haptic toy is ideal for fidgeting and to keep those busy hands occupied. With a total of 8 magnets across both halves that break open and quickly click back together to form a unique fidgeting action that are both satisfying and help keep idle hands busy.

Constructed of two halves which snap between positions but only in a rotational movement.

The top and bottom halves are machined with 3 grooves for grip however if preferred there is an option to have it without grooves, just add a note on to your order.

Dimensions 38mm diameter x 10mm thick.

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 Please note copper, brass and bronze are soft metals and easily scratch or dent. Not suitable for small children due to the small magnet components.