RotaStone Nano Carbon Fibre Copper infused

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Fully machined spinning worry stone.

This unique subtle fidget toy is ideal for stealth fidgeting and to keep those busy hands occupied.

Fully machined body consisting of 2 separate sides, 3 x Titanium 4-40 removable screws to replace/clean the bearing. This also allows for future mixing materials looks and feels and customising your RotaStone Nano. Supplied with Ceramic hybrid bearing as used in the Stubby. Centre retaining screw will be supplied in copper.

The top half has 3 machined grooves for grip and the bottom half is smooth without the machined grooves.

Dimensions 38mm x 38mm x 14mm fully assembled.

Weight 21g

Please be aware these are not designed to compete on spin times with normal fidget spinners but be a rotational worry stone.

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