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A new design encompassing the double pendulum and the theory of chaos

Rotablade Pendulum is a brand new unique fidget toy based on the double pendulum and the theory of chaos. It is not a normal uniform spinning toy but the complete opposite meaning every time you fidget with the Pendulum it will be a different experience entirely.

The ways of fidgeting with this toy are endless but so far you can flick it, let it drop and spin, balance horizontal while small movements make large unpredictable results, generate endless spins by perpetual motion, spin 1 or both arms and many more.

This is not a spinner and if you are use to one it will take you time to adjust to its functions. The pendulum is a fidget toy that will keep you entertained for hours.

Folded 17mm x 20mm x 48mm

Fully extended from centre of grip to end of weight 17mm x 20mm x 52.5mm

Weight 34g

Please note the fully extended dimension is the required clearance you need from the point of grip to the inside of your hand. You can use it if your hand is smaller than this but when spinning fully extended it may contact your palm.

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Grips for Flicking

A unique tactile grip profile has been added for improved feel and function making spinning easier.

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Ceramic Hybrid Bearings

2 precision grade bearings

Built with the highest precision grade ceramic hybrid bearings the same as in the record holding Stubby for spin times. Not 1 but 2 bearings are used in the design of the Pendulum. This gives ultra-smooth spins and friction less rotation. Please note bearings will require maintenance in the same way as described for the Stubby in the maintenance video here.

Material and Finish

Pendulum construction details

Manufactured from Stainless Steel throughout. Fully machined induvidual components and easily removed grips.

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The Theory of Chaos

The theory of chaos and random motion is the basis of this toy and the Pendulum moves in an unpredictable random way which will keep you constantly fidgeting with it whilst holding your attention.

See the Pendulum in action