Taking care of your Rotablade Spinner

You can watch the video below for full instructions on maintaining and cleaning your Rotablade products. This will help you maximise results and maintain performance over the life of your Rotabalde.

If you are having problems with spin times it is normally something simple to resolve and most likely not a damaged bearing. Please note if you have dropped your spinner then this may bend the cage and damage the balls which can not be repaired by these methods and would require a bearing replacement. If you experience problems with spin times please try the following to improve them. Please note environmental factors like dust and humidity can seriously change your spin times. Also storage of the spinner in a case or pouch is recommended especially when in your pocket or a bag.

  1. Try cleaning the bearing by submerging it in warm soapy water and spinning for 5 mins. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry fully in an oven at 40 deg C for 15 mins or use a hairdryer to remove moisture.
  2. If that does not improve repeat the above step but replace warm soapy water with acetone or 99% alcohol. Repeat step 1 after doing this.
  3. Once complete repeat a few times if necessary.
  4. Ensure you fully dry the unit after completion using the methods already stated above.
  5. If there is still something locking spin Take a small pin and very carefully wiggle each ball and the cage and make sure they are loose and not stuck.

If the unit was spinning longer and has reduced it will most likely be through environmental or cleaning issues.

The video also explains some functionality and characteristics of your new spinner so if your new to these products you should watch.