The Rotablade Range of Spinners are designed very differently and will differ in experience and performance. This guide will help you understand what your Rotablade should perform like and how to keep it at its best. The design details are listed below but there are also many other factors that will affect spin times and feel.

Temperature – As materials expand differently with temperature the compression on the bearing will change and spin time can be affected.

Environment – Dust particles, different chemical composition in the atmosphere all can affect the bearing. Dust being the worst one will over time reduce performance of the bearing. This can be resolved with cleaning.

Storage – How you store your Rotablade will affect performance if you keep in your pocket lint and dust will easily gather in the bearing.

Position – Vertical position is best for spin times, horizontal spins will not perform as well due to side load and increased friction.


Gyroscopic effect and weight shift –  There is intended play in the bearings and gaps between grips and body. This is part of the design and critical to achieving lowest friction possible. As you move the Rotablade even slightly the gyroscopic effect will cause vibration and affect spin times. This is perfectly normal.

Technique – Each user will spin differently which will have the most effect on length of spin and smoothness. Technique needs to be developed, strength and conditioning all will improve results. Please note if you spin not entirely in the same plane the Rotablade will display vibration as you are imparting additional side load.

Maintenance – Most important to maintaining the best performance is to clean your spinner on a regular basis, please follow the guides provided in your delivery and on this website.

Storage – When not in use please store your Rotablade in a safe place and covered so it does not gather dust and dirt.

Damage – Impacts and any form of damage can effect your spinners performance please take care of your Rotablade’s as they are precision items.

Rotablade Maintenance

You can watch the video for full instructions on maintaining and cleaning your Rotablade products. This will help you maximise results and maintain performance over the life of your Rotabalde. The video also explains some functionality and characteristics of your new spinner so if your new to these products you should watch