Take a look at our FAQ’s before contacting Rotablade

Please read the following FAQ carefully before contacting us directly as sometimes due to demand it can take a few days to reply, in the event that you cannot find the answer to your question below you may be able to learn more by joining our facebook group where a vast knowledge and community can be found as well all willing to help.

Question 1: “Where can I buy one?”
Answer 1: www.rotablade.com follow the shop link

Question 2: “When will products be in stock?”
Answer 2: The Web store is usually updated weekly at 6pm BST (U.K Time on a Friday. Updates generally include restocking of pre-order slots, new products etc. Sign up to our newsletter to be informed of key dates without having to check back here.

Question 3: “I just ordered, when will I get it?”
Answer 3: The Web store product descriptions include fulfilment dates at the time of your purchase. You will always be informed of any delays to your order and so far the vast majority of orders have been finished and sent earlier than the advised timescale.

Question 4: “Which delivery service will my order be processed by?”
Answer 4: FedEx is used for the vast majority of deliveries UK next day and most other counties in a 2-3 day period. It was chosen to move to FedEx from Royal Mail; resulting in much reduced delivery times and increased reliability. Please note the 2-3 day service advertised is only once dispatched. It is not the timescale to receive from placing an order.

Question 5: “how will I know my purchase is on it’s way?”
Answer 5: You will receive an email from Rotablade.com to inform you when you order is dispatched. You can also check your order status and any further FedEx tracking info by signing into the website and viewing your order history.

Question 6: “Who do I email to find out how my order is progressing”
Answer 6: (Also see Question 3) Please try to wait until after the advertised dispatch time before requesting further information.

Question 7: “Can I place a deposit to secure items?”
Answer 7: General sale items are not available in this manner and must be purchased when listed on the Rotablade.com web shop.

Question 8: “I have an issue with my order and it is not regarding shipping timescale or information provided in this FAQ on the website?”
Answer 8: Please contact us through the website contact form and we would be happy to help.

Question 9: “There is an issue with my order i have received?”
Answer 9: Please contact us through the website and we will be happy to resolve for you and guide you through any returns if necessary..

Question 10: “Can you alter the invoice values?”
Answer 10: We can not alter any invoice or pricing details as our system is an ETD which uploads customs details automatically. We also have to declare full values to customs as we are a reputable business.

Question 11: “My spin times are lower than others?”
Answer 11: There are many reasons why spin times could be lower like, dirty bearings, how you store the spinner, environmental conditions or simply sitting still too long. Most issues can be resolved by simply following the steps in our maintenance page here

Question 12: “Why does my spinner wobble?”
Answer 12: The bearing itself has some play in it to facilitate maximum spin performance. You will see this as some wobble when you flex the body of the spinner up and down while it is stationary. This is perfectly normal and an intentional part of the design to reduce friction. In addition to that, on a two arm Spinner such as the original Stubby you will always feel a certain bearing feedback/lash/wobble when moving it while spinning.  This is an inherent quality of the physics involved called the gyroscopic effect or resistance to the shift in planes.  This is lessened considerably in designs with 3 or more arms due to the more even weight distribution.  However, it is a feature of all two arm spinners. Please read more about performance here