Anodising For Titanium Rotablade and Stubby (This is not a product but an addition)

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This is the additional option to add to your order if you want your Rotablade or Rotablade stubby anodised. This is not a purchase on a Stubby or Rotabalde just an additional colour.

Please note this can only be done for the titanium body options.

Once product selected and in your cart add this additional option to have your spinner anodised via an electro etch method.

Colours available are Gold, Purple and Blue. Please note this method is not accurate and your colour may vary a little in shade.

Please note electro anodised Titanium can fade or wear.

Please note these finishes are completed on a polished titanium stubby, you can also achieve a duller finish if you request a machined finish stubby.

Service is just to anodise the body only. If you want anodised grips as well please add quantity 2 to the cart.

Please allow an additional 7 days to perform custom anodising.