Rotablade Pendulum MK2 Fidget Toy Machined Finish

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Full stainless steel construction. Fully Machined Grips, arms and weights. 

The most unique fidget toy ever, based on the theory of the double pendulum and random motion (Chaos Theory).

Spinning fidget toy with 2 Hybrid Ceramic precision bearings.

This is not a conventional spinning toy it is based on the theory of the double pendulum and random motion. The chaos theory means the movements are unique and follow different paths each time you spin. Please see the following link to show you more.

The Pendulum has 100's of different ways to occupy the hand spinning, flicking, generating a gyroscopic effect. The possibilities are endless. 

The pendulum has the following dimensions;

Folded 17mm x 20mm x 48mm

Fully extended from centre of grip to end of weight 17mm x 20mm x 52.5mm 

Weight 34g

Please note the fully extended dimension is the required clearance you need from the point of grip to the inside of your hand. You can use it if your hand is smaller than this but when spinning fully extended it may contact your palm.


Maximum 8 units per order due to shipping limits and insurances.