Tri Stubby Air

Tri Stubby Air

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Spinning fidget toy with cigar stand functionality. Fully machined body, removable 24mm screw caps for service and changing material types. Ceramic hybrid bearings.

Connecting Stubby Bodies together requires the additional Stubby Stax Bush available here 

Footprint 50mm x 50mm x 9mm body


Brass with Brass Grips - 61g approx

Copper with Copper Grips - 65g approx

Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Grips - 58g approx

Titanium with Titanium Grips - 43g approx

Please note copper and brass are softer materials than stainless steel and will damage much easier, patina or discolour.

Please note any item bought with other items advertised as later availability will ship when all items are available.

Please note when ordering, sandblasted finish will only apply to the body of the stubby. If you wish for your grips to also be sandblasted please add this in the notes section of your order.