The Rotablade Stubby Spinner and Cigar Stand is a high precision performance spinner designed for comfort and performance.

Precision machined body to very tight tolerances in Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass and titanium to give choice and a varying spin experience and feel. Designed and manufactured with Perfect balance to achieve smooth rotation with minimal friction.

Threaded machined grips available in Stainless steel, Brass, Copper and Ti allow the user to remove for easy maintenance and to customise the Stubby to match their mood.

This Spinning cigar stand provides ultimate performance, balance and comfort.

  • Spins on its own on a flat surface
  • Easily interchanged grips in a variety of materials
  • Spins on top of a sharp point
  • Fully functioning Cigar Stand
  • Can be connected to form multiple spinners

Ceramic Hybrid Bearing

Effortless Spinning

The Rotablade Stubby has a high precision class ceramic hybrid bearing specifically designed to work in unison with the weight and shape of the body to achieve effortless spins and maximum spin times. Maintaining a very smooth rotation makes the Stubby appear to spin on and on and on….

The Stubby has been recorded hitting 8 min spin times already.

Precision Assembly

Assembled by hand in the uk

To ensure precision results each unit is assembled on high accuracy custom machined jigs. Inspected individually and spun for a minimum of 3 minutes before shipping.

Fully Functional Cigar Stand

Place the Stubby on its side and rest your cigar

The Stubby will also hold cigars in all gauges and will stand on its side to rest your cigar on safely. This feature can also be used for other items like torches, chopsticks and many more items.

Different Spinning Functions

Table Spinning and Balance Spinning

The Rotablade Stubby offers more than just a hand spinner with multiple spinning options. You can easily balance the Stubby on a pointed object with the machined indent on one grip or place the Stubby on a flat surface and watch it spin on its own.

Stubby Stax

Connect Multiple Stubby Bodies for unique spinning experiences

With the aid of an additional accessory the Stubby Stax bush allows you to easily connect 1 or more Stubby bodies together to create a first in the market unique spinning experience like no other. Truly opening up multiple dimensions of spinning and fidgeting. Pushing the boundaries of available spinners today. Now just watch people try to copy the experience.

First Customer Review on Youtube

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